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Welcome to Ambrose Athletics, your destination for personalized fitness training. With avenues of hypertrophy, strength, speed, agility, and functional training—paired with boxing—I'm here to make your time in the gym efficient,  beneficial, and enjoyable. My commitment extends beyond the workout, ensuring a well-rounded transformation in and out of the gym. Your goals shape our journey, and I'm an open book, eager to consider your preferences and needs when crafting your unique program. Say goodbye to the days you wish you didn't work out—We're here to redefine your fitness journey!

Let's go, kill it!

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I'm Ryan Ambrose, and my journey from Boston Mass to the small town of Davidson, NC, has been a ride filled with sports, discipline, and a love for fitness.Growing up playing every sport imaginable, from baseball, to karate, to a serious gym class badminton player, all taught me valuable lessons of discipline and determination. The gym became my sanctuary, offering not just physical benefits but invaluable life lessons. Now, with years of experience working with diverse clients, I've honed the art of applying gym knowledge to suit various personalities. My passion lies in sharing these lessons, equipping you with every tool for the results you desire. Join me at Ambrose Athletics, and let's make significant strides toward your fitness goals together.


Our Methods
Intense Workout


Everyone has a different body type. When you train with Ambrose Athletics, you will participate in an exercise program customized specifically for your body type.


Get ready to burn some calories! In your training sessions, we will focus on getting you into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state that occurs when your body burns fat for energy instead of glucose.


No matter what sport you are apart of, Ambrose Athletics will help you take your game to the next level through strength and conditioning training.


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